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Welcome to Informatics
College Pokhara

Informatics College Pokhara, established in 2011 is an associate college of Innovate Nepal Group. It started its academic journey as a franchisee of Informatics Education Limited, Singapore. Since 2017, Informatics College Pokhara has been directly partnering with London Metropolitan University, UK to provide enviable higher education in IT and Business to students in Pokhara at an affordable price.


The Informatics College Pokhara curriculum provides comprehensive 3 & 4 years Bachelor's Degree programmes in IT and Business in partnership with London Metropolitan University, UK.

 BSc (Hons) Computing
Bachelor in Information Technology

BSc (Hons) Computing

 BA (Hons) Business Administration
BBA Specialisations

BA (Hons) Business Administration

Londonmet University
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London Metropolitan University is a diverse and socially inclusive institution in London, UK. With over 12,500 UK-based students and collaborative programmes worldwide, London Met provides education focusing on sustainability and employability.

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Excellent Teaching Methodology

At Informatics College Pokhara, we provide you with a unique and international learning experience where you will be taught in small groups, providing one-to-one access to our faculties and value the quality of our teaching as well as learning. The L-T-W (Lecture, Tutorial and Workshop) teaching method that we practice is valued globally and is designed to incubate practical learning methodology.

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Teaching Methodology
Teaching You can Trust

Teaching You Can Trust

Students of ICP are provided with hands-on training and practical learning experiences, which we believe is an integral teaching methodology of today’s times, and essential for transformation. Our experts are passionate about what they do and are committed to providing you with the best possible education.

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We provide scholarships to recognise and reward exceptional academic achievements, talents, or accomplishments of our students.

Detailed information, brochures and forms can be mailed to you upon request.


Life at ICP

Teesa Joshi

I never imagined that I would fully appreciate my time in college while also developing my abilities and experience. The way of life at ICP is excellent.

Teesa Joshi
BSc (Hons) Computing
Umi Bajracharya

Being a part of Nepal's largest international college network (ING) and studying at Informatics College Pokhara makes me feel really safe. I'm sure I'll graduate and become a top-tier business executive.

Umi Bajracharya
BA (Hons) Business Administration
Bishal Shrestha

The finest choice I ever made was to apply for an IT degree at ICP. I was able to advance my knowledge and abilities and shape myself for greater professional opportunities.

Bishal Shrestha
Bsc (Hons) Computing
Smiritu Gurung

I've learned the value of deadlines in addition to all the information and skills I've acquired at ICP. I've learned time management skills in addition to the subject knowledge through projects and assignments.

Smiriti Gurung
BA (Hons) Business Administration
Aashish Prasad Gupta

At ICP, the university's reputation in the international market is combined with extensive research and an international teaching technique and curriculum.

Aashish Prasad Gupta
Bsc (Hons) Computing

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Transforming Lives Through Innovation & Education with ingenuity at the forefront of all our decisions, we strive to become a contributive factor in the betterment of Nepal and society in general by providing practical career centric education and innovations in technology. ING houses state-of-the-art organisations in a variety of industries which include Tech, Education and More.

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