Scholarship Programmes

We offer a full-fledged Master's Scholarship Programme in Business and IT at one of the ING colleges, rewarding students who excel in academics and extracurriculars. Recipients also receive job opportunities within ING, supporting their professional and personal development for a successful future.


Applicants can apply for the Scholarship if they meet the following criteria:

  • Citizen of Nepal
  • Completed and Obtained a First Class Honours Bachelor's degree in 2022 from the London Metropolitan University
  • Applying to pursue a full-time Master's course of study at Islington College / Herald College Kathmandu

All applications must be made in the same year of an applicant’s graduation date.

For further information, please contact the Student Services Department.

The AAA (Academics, Attendance, and Attitude) Scholarship Award are awarded to 10% of students who excelled during the calendar year in academics, discipline, and active participation. It provides students with an incentive of having 100% of their tuition fees waived for the calendar year.


Applicants can apply for the Scholarship if they meet the following criteria:

  1. Good academic standing.
  2. At least 80% attendance in each module.
  3. Timely payment of all the financial dues.
  4. Clean disciplinary record and exemplary behaviour.

ING Postgraduate Scholarship

Sanjit Adhikari
Class of 2021

Through the opportunities provided by ICP, I have gained practical skills, expanded my knowledge, built a strong foundation for my career and have been able to be a scholarship recipient too.

AAA Scholarship

List of AAA Scholarship 2022 Recipients:
  1. Aakriti Sen
  2. Aakriti Paudel
  3. Alisha Poudel
  4. Anuska Acharya
  5. Bipin Regmi
  6. Gaurab Acharya
  7. Kedar Bhandari
  8. Menuka Ale
  9. Pranika Shrestha
  10. Pratap Khadka
  11. Rachana Khanal
  12. Rahul Jaishwal
  13. Sumit K.C.
  14. Aashish Baral
  15. Sandeep Khadka