Welcome to Informatics
College Pokhara

We pride ourselves in having excellent academic infrastructure & resources to support our students throughout their educational journey. Furthermore, we ensure that the support you receive through our team is unparalleled and will help you accomplish the goals you aspire to achieve. We also aim to create graduates sought after by employers nationally and globally. All the courses offered here at Informatics College Pokhara are approved by the Ministry of Education, Nepal and equivalent to Tribhuvan University, Nepal. Therefore, our graduates will be able to work for the government as well as private organisations all over the world.

Meet our Chairman

Welcome to Informatics College Pokhara, a renowned academic institution in Nepal, offering top-notch teaching and research in IT and Business. Through partnerships with UK universities, we provide affordable access to globally recognised degree programmes. Our holistic approach encourages students to go beyond textbooks and embrace a well-rounded learning experience. With our extensive network of businesses, we equip you with an advantage in the competitive job market. Our commitment to quality and collaboration prepares you to excel in the real world.

Embark on a learning journey that will transform you and your future. Welcome to Informatics College Pokhara, where you will experience an amazing student life and a secure future.

Sulav Budathoki

Founder / Group Chairman

Message from The Chairperson

I want to extend to you a very warm welcome, to Informatics College Pokhara, committed to providing world-class education in IT and Business ensuring a fulfilling career. It is our goal to provide each student with the academic and professional opportunities essential to become well-rounded, skilled professionals in the competitive global environment.

We draw upon our own expertise and extensive range of networks to empower our students to become competent and responsible in their contribution to the community.

Binu Gurung

Informatics College Pokhara

What our CEO Says

Pokhara has a lot to offer in terms of natural beauty, culture, hospitality and now higher education as well. ICP is proud to offer globally recognised UK University Bachelor’s degrees - BSc (Hons) Computing and BA (Hons) Business Administration from the prestigious London Metropolitan University.

Students can now enjoy an international standard lifestyle in Pokhara itself. The course focuses on equipping students with practical skills that can directly be implemented at work, making our students industry-ready by the time they graduate. With a decade-long history in higher education, ICP has been indeed transforming lives through education.

Abhinav Dahal

Informatics College Pokhara

Why Choose ICP ?

An Eminent Academic Institution

Informatics College Pokhara provides outstanding IT and Business degrees in direct partnership with London Metropolitan University aiming towards academic excellence.

Pioneering UK University Degree in Pokhara

It is the first institution to run UK university degrees in Pokhara. The Internationally recognised degree and the updated curriculum will help you compete in the global job market.

One of the Best College Infrastructures in Pokhara

ICP is committed to providing internationally recognised tertiary education at an affordable cost. It has probably the best college infrastructure in Pokhara, forming a learning style and the best quality of education with a blend of international expertise and local context.

Networking Opportunities

Being part of the ICP, alumni network offers invaluable networking opportunities. Graduates have access to a vast community of successful professionals across different industries around the world.

Career Advancement

ICP's strong reputation and connections with employers provide graduates with a competitive edge in the job market. ICP offers comprehensive career services and internships to support student's professional growth.

Unique Campus Life

ICP offers a range of extracurricular activities and events that contribute to a well-rounded college experience.