ICP Holi Fest 2023

June 06, 2023

International College Pokhara Informatics College Pokhara

A Spectacular Riot of Music, Dance, and Colors

Burst with vibrant colours, music, and mesmerising dance performances, ICP Holi Fest 2023 was a lively celebration. The atmosphere filled everyone with a positive spirit and served as a testament to the cultural significance of Holi. 

A Joyous Gathering of Music and Dance 

The Holi Celebration commenced with an enthusiastic crowd of students, faculty, and staff members coming together. In sync with the beats of popular Holi songs, the attendees couldn't resist the urge to let loose and dance their hearts out. The energy spread like wildfire, and soon the entire college grounds were transformed into a pulsating dance floor.


Colours Galore 

The essence of Holi cannot be captured without delving into the kaleidoscope of vibrant colours. With water guns, an abundance of coloured powders, and water balloons, the students cherished the moment.


Unforgettable Memories and Traditions 

The ICP Holi Celebration 2023 exemplified the true essence of Holi, fostering a sense of harmony and celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Nepal. The celebration strengthened the bonds among students and will be forever treasured by them.