ICP Spring Carnival 2023

June 06, 2023

International College Pokhara Informatics College Pokhara

A Celebration of Ethnic Fashion, Music, and Fun!

Building on the success, this year’s carnival brought students and faculty together for a day filled with entertainment and fun. Offering a variety of delicious food, exciting games, amazing dance moves and a special performance by The Dreamerz Band was a fantastic experience for all.


The Delightful Atmosphere: Outstanding Outfits and Ethnic Attires

The atmosphere was vibrant with people donning outstanding outfits. The creativity and attention to detail in the costumes were truly remarkable. Traditional ethnic attires from various cultures added a touch of elegance and diversity to the carnival, making it a visual spectacle to behold. All of the students took pictures in numerous photo booths, making the day memorable.

The carnival featured a wide range of entertainment. There were exciting dances, captivating music acts, and outstanding students demonstrating their abilities in music, dance, and other areas. Their performances awed and fascinated the crowd. From exhilarating gaming booths to food carts delivering delectable delicacies, there were several stalls during the carnival. The design and implementation of those stalls reflected the students' creativity, making the experience entertaining and immersive for everybody.


Special Performer: The Dreamerz Band

One of the highlights of the event was the exceptional performance by The Dreamerz Band. Known for their dynamic energy and mesmerising music, the band took the stage and created an electric atmosphere. The crowd was mesmerised by their powerful vocals, energetic instrumentals, and engaging stage presence. 


A Memorable Spring Festival

‘Spring Carnival 2023’ will forever be cherished as a wonderful memory, and we eagerly await next year's CARNIVAL.
Until then, Let the spirit of this spring event continue to inspire us.